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Progressive Arts Music recording artist Derryl Gabel's first instructional release at CHOPS FROM HELL. "DERRYL GABEL: VISIONS & DREAMS - PART I" includes live video footage of Derryl playing four incredible compositions from his album "Vision & Dreams" along with complete transcriptions featuring 58 TERRIFYING LICKS from Derryl's live performances! Included is the 177 page .pdf file containing complete transcriptions for Derryl's four live performances, as well as the 58 licks. (30 mins)

"Miles From Home"
"Song For Jessie"
"Blue Fingers"
"Lettin' Loose"

DERRYL GABEL: VISIONS & DREAMS - PART I "IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD": $25.00 (U.S.). All Chops From Hell online sales are handled thru PayPal. You can securely use most major credit cards (You do not need to have a PayPal account to place an order with a credit card). Alternatively, if you do have a PayPal account, you can place an order using it, or even place an order using an eCheck.

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Feedback for Derryl's "Visions & Dreams - Part I":

"I just got through checking out your "Chops From Hell" lesson CD-Rom and I am totally impressed with your songwriting and improvisational skills both! I've never seen anyone go to such great lengths to offer as much material outlining their style as you did with your mega-transcriptions! I appreciate it very much and hope you will continue to put out more CD-Roms like this." - Andy Garrett - Florida


"...This guitar method is well-produced: Derryl has accurately transcribed each lick he plays in PowerTab format which allows you to study in depth his exceptional technique...During his performance, Derryl sets out each aspect of his subtle and inventive guitar playing: a very fluid legato technique and a real sense of jazz-rock improvisation, inspired by Allan Holdsworth. I recommend this CD-ROM to anyone who wants to reach a superior level of technique and musical abilities." - Philippe Latour - France


"...This CD-ROM gives you access to one of the best guitarists out there today, Derryl Gabel. The CD-ROM features easy access to the live performance video, internet links & a PDF file with the added bonus of Power Tab. Other features include Derryl playing 4 of his own songs and one incredible improvisational tune in their entirety on exceptionally clean & clear video. All the songs are broken down into individual examples for easier learning and the PDF file includes easy-to-read sheet music in both tab & traditional notation of the songs played by Derryl. This CD-ROM features musicianship at its finest and is an outstanding learning tool that is second to none. Anyone who sees this CD-ROM cannot help but be inspired & impressed by both its musical and production quality. The sooner "Visions & Dreams" part 2 is available the better for all guitarists & musicians alike." - George Hanks Jr. - California


"Dude - awesome melodies! I love your sense of time and those licks rock! A great CD-ROM that should inspire everyone to reach the next level of playing. I also love that the full songs you play are transcribed in the accompanying pdf. This one will keep me up many late nights practicing. I think there is much to gain from analyzing your playing on the songs and how smooth you play over the chord changes without sacrificing flow, intensity, or melody. This is great guitar playing! When will you release the next CD-ROM? Your guitar playing kicks ass!" - Patrik Lundberg - Sweden


"Derryl, I really dig the CD ROM. It has very intricate licks played with mind-boggling technique that are clearly explained and written out, and the power tab is the icing on the cake." - Paul Hayes - Georgia

the following bio material from Derry Gabel's website

Derryl Gabel was born in 1970 and has been playing guitar since the age of 15. Derryl was featured on the 1992 George Lynch solo CD "Sacred Groove." Derryl beat out several other guitarists in a contest to win this coveted opportunity. He was also featured on the 1994's "Guitar on the Edge #4" performing "Blue Fingers." In 1995 Derryl's "Nathaniel" (later renamed "Song For Jessie") was featured on "Guitar on the Edge #5".

Magazines which have covered Derryl's music include: "Guitar World" Sept. '90 (page 124), "Guitar for the Practicing Musician" May 1992 (page 168), and again in "G..P..M" Oct 1992 (page 11) and in Oct 1993 (pages 93 & 150)

Derryl is excited about the release of his new CD entitled "Visions and Dreams".

Official Derryl Gabel website: http://www.derrylgabel.com
e mail contact: Dgabel70@wmconnect.com

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