Picking Switch

Alternate Vs Economy. This battle is going on for a long time. Here are few examples of switching from one type to another, this'll make some stuff easier to play for right hand. Notice the difference in sound when picking type is switched.

Example #1 is an A major run in 16th triplets, three notes per string fingering patterns. Start with a downstroke and play alternate until the B string. From there use economy while going from one string to another.

Example #2 shows the same run played twice, first with alternate picking and then with economy picking. You might find it cool for changing the sound of a lick. It's in C Mixolydian, 16th triplets, three notes per string too.

Until the next time, have fun!
All the best,
Muris Varajic

Muris Varajic is a guitar player from Sarajevo, Bosnia. He has played with many bands and pop-rock stars from Bosnia and the surrounding region as well. He released his debut album “Let It Out” in March 2007 which gave him a spotlight in Guitar Player magazine July 2007. Muris now proudly endorses Stan Hinesley Pickups/Has Sound, The Light Pick and Shredneck. Currently, he's working on his second solo album, recording for various artists, teaching and playing with his band Pakt 5.

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