The New String Skipping Tapping / Technique

Hi friends, I would just like to say thanks very much for the privilege of being a part of this interesting site. This is my first exercise for "Chops From Hell".

Let's talk about this Lick... It includes important guitar technique used by Malmsteen in his "Rising Force" guitar solo. He played arpeggios by using sweep picking technique. Here in my transcription I replaced the sweep picking with simple tapping and string skipping.

I hope you enjoy it.

Well, that's all. If you have any questions or comments, please mail me at

the following bio material provided by Hakim Achi

Hakim Achi Was born in 1980 in Algeria. His music training started at the age of 11 with some music theory, flute and piano. He began to play guitar in 1992. At first influenced by Oriental and Turkish music like Yedi Karanfil, Yanni, Vangelis and all popular traditional music styles, and guitar players like Gary Moore, Mark Knofler, and Eric Johnson... His Musical background includes lessons a long time ago, and lots of self-studying.