Chris Austin

Strange Picking Stuff

Hi I'm Chris Austin and this is my first column for CFHI hope you all like it.

Lick 1 is all picking so no cheating sweeping would make it faster but not as kick ass!!!!

Lick 2 is all picking again, just watch out for the big skips. This sounds quite odd at faster tempos.

Lick 3. Same again, it's not really musical but if you use it to fly up the fretboard it sounds cool.

Lick 4. Same old same old.

Lick 5 is just string skipping old school style just watch the position shifts.

Lick 6 is more skipping sounds good in the right place.

Lick 7 is just sweep picking in 5ths.

Lick 8 is quite a cool tapping lick, again just watch the jumps.

I hope you like this kind of stuff if you have any problems you can mail me at

Thanks Chris Austin.