Hey everybody out there in Chops From Hell land, my name is T. D. Clark and I am going to show you the main melody lick from the song Timanfaya, off of my new CD Next Big Adventure. This lick injects a Middle Eastern flair into an otherwise standard blues double stop bend idea. It uses the B Harmonic minor scale ( B C# D E F# G A# B) as its base but instead of accenting the root note B it accents the C# to get the Arabian sound. The lick is played over an E to F# with a G thrown in every other bar to give the rythmn a Phrygian mode feel. The combination of the raised 7th in the scale and the accenting the C# really give a new feel to an old lick. For more information on how to create cool new melodies and use different scales to achieve that goal check out my Heavy Metal Breakfast DVD.


T. D. Clark