Marcel Coenen


Hello all,

Here is my third column for Chops From Hell for you.

This time I have a quite interesting bunch of Arpeggios, all in one major scale: E major

It is used in a melodic manner this time, so not just a bunch of exercises but a way to use it in a melodic sense.

The lick has sweep picking throughout, and involves some tapping and legato playing also.

Theoretical explanation:

The lick starts with an Emaj7/9 arpeggio (I tap the 9th note) which flows into a C#min7/9 arpeggio (here I also tap the 9th note). This flows into a Amaj7/9 arpeggio with an added #4 (lydian mode, to fit E-Major tonality) to a normal A-Major triad, which then goes to a normal B-Major triad and goes back into an E-Major arpeggio which leads into an E-Major Pentatonic descending lick which involves legato playing and tapping.

Have fun J


Marcel Coenen
Guitarist Sun Caged
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Marcel is born at the 21st of September, 1972. He started out playing the guitar when he was 11 years old. Marcel started the band Lemur Voice in 1993 with which he made 2 albums ("insights" (1996, Magna Carta Records) and "Divided" (1999, Telstar Records)). This band split up in the middle of 2000. At that point Marcel started the band Sun Caged, this band released a full length CD in October 2003 through Lion Music ( Marcel also made a solo album in 1999 ("Guitartalk") which has been rereleased now also by Lion Music with three extra songs and remastering. Marcel is currently working on his second solo album with his new solo band. Also Marcel is very busy with his band Sun Caged.