Getting "Slippery"

In general, I prefer a really fluid, slippery lead sound. Honestly, I even angle my pick sometimes to eliminate pick noise, so I sound more legato even if I'm picking every note. Another thing I do a lot is connect positions by sliding.

In this lick, we're going to tie together a few arpeggios with slides. In the accompanying video, I pronounce the slide moderately, though you can make it more of less pronounced to fit your personal taste.

Another reason I put this lick together for CFH is because it requires that you use all four fingers on your fretting hand to play it correctly and efficiently. In other words, it's both a cool lick and a cool exercise. At least for me, if an exercise sounds musical and interesting, it's much more fun to play over and over than one that doesn't sound like music.

Although not covered in this video, you can also split this exercise and practice each arpeggio in isolation. For instance, you can practice playing the first shape ascending and descending (starting on the first note of the lick and turning around at the D note on the E string) all on its own.

Chad Coggin was born in 1973, has been playing guitar since childhood, and currently resides near Atlanta, GA. Chad is currently working on material with his band “Gangway,” as well as writing material for an upcoming instrumental release. You can find more information at Chad's website.