The 7 Deadly Sins

Welcome to the 7 deadly sins. I guess that's one sin per string. Anyway here's the first in a series of columns I plan on doing just for 7 string players, although 6 string players can still benefit, so pay attention!

Gluttony. D Mixolydian legato lick. Pick only the first note of each ascending string. I never pick when descending. The seven string is great for for 3 string patterns. If you look closely you will see that you repeat the same idea every 3 strings.

Greed. D Mixolydian, same kind of idea but with string skipping this time

Sloth. D Mixolydian again. This one is similar to the first but we stretch it out so that it covers more of the fretboard.

Lust. D Mixolydian. This one is like the second, stretching out and string skipping.

Pride. Alternate picking. E Phrygian Dominant. 9 note groups.

Envy. D minor. Legato, sliding in and out of positions with a D minor arp on the end.

Wrath. C Major Pentatonic, 4 note per string death lick with a T2 / T3 tap on top.

Here's a bonus lick Rusty included...(that's real pretty, Rusty - cfh ed.).

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