My name is Joey Dahlia

Born May 18,1967 Brooklyn ,New York

In late 1987,I was asked by my best friend if I want to learn to play guitar and start a band,Well I said, Hell Yup,That would be great.In just a few days I bought a Hondo guitar for 50.00 and a Rockman ,In 1 month at a party I went toe to toe with a EVH CLONE.He had 2 years to my 1 month.It was dead even ,I was so proud of myself I started to play even more hrs.

4 months into playing guitar,EVH clone took my spot in my band. Why? Because I only knew my way of playing and the band wanted to do covers,Talk about devastation ,I was devastated.

10 months into playing guitar , Something even bigger happened ,something I never even thought of,MALMSTEEN ,I was kicked out of my band and Hit in the head with a 2x4 by MALMSTEEN,His playing was unreal at the time.The very next day ,I went to the local music store and bought a 4 trac ,I sat on the floor with my back to the couch,I remember it well.

I popped the tape in and recorded this wav I was 19

Before I hit record I asked GOD, To let me sound like MALSMSTEEN ,I work so hard on guitar for the last 4 months ,From that point on I was compared to him in my first year.

In just a few more months,I was sitting on a glass top table tying my shoes and when I went to stand up I fell thru the glass,hhhmm and just cut my left pinky off.(pic)

Around 10 months later I started back up playing,I played for another year till 1990.
I was going nowhere very fast,putting on weight really fast,playing 12 hrs a day .

Gone just like that!.My guitars were stolen, I was happy I had no reason to really be in music,Even to this day I really don't understand it,Well so I started getting back into bodybuilding in 1991 I really was getting into in big time more than ever,I found my life for the next 10 years .(pic)

In 2000 ,I wanted to write a book about 21'st century Diet and Weight Gain .I did just that.
The book is called The Cheetah & the Lion,This is where it get's good,To really understand the human body I need'ed to gain fat,and alot of it.I knew of only 1 way ,I quit training and did something freaking crazy,I started to play guitar.Here she comes 4 months into playing guitar SEPTEMBER 11 2001 I did something I never done before,I was scared into recording music,I only play acoustic guitar the first 6-8 months here is a sample of my first few songs,at this time I did not even know music was to be in time.

You can tell of it's authenticity ,I recorded the first song a day or 2 before ,It has 2 guitars,and then the next couple of songs were just 1 acoustic,Than the last song I had writting a real song,with drums, bass & synth ,When I recored the last song ,hhmmm I really liked the way it came out.

Anyway 4 years later this September,People are comparing me too:

Guitar Players:

Johnson ,Lynch, Malmsteen, Bratta , Angelo, Satch, Vai,Gary Moore , Vinnie Moore,Vivian Campbell,Mike Oldfield

John Petrucci,Steve Morse

Bands :

Nicolo Paganini, Black Sabbath ,King Diamond ,Metal Church, Dream Theater ,Yanni, Enya, Cecil B Demille,
My Dying Bride, Tool,

System of a Down,Old Metallica, Maiden

I play a New Age Guitar Rock:

I mostly play New Age:

I have made a few attempts at Metal:

I just opened a online guitar school with all kinds of lessons,here is a sample



My web site is

Email is

Anyway Thanks for Taking the Time to read my Story