Frank Lick

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ďFrankĒ is similar to a lick I throw in live during the solo on my band Touched's cover of Frankenstein by the Edgar Winter Group. (Iíll usually improvise on this idea and try variations). Itís entirely based on the G minor pentatonic scale with 3 noteís per string and string skipping. The groupings of nine notes per beat are easiest to feel as 3 groups of triplets per beat. Try counting 123 123 123 or Tri-pe-let Tri-pe-let Tri-pe-let with a metronome if your not familiar with the feel. Itís interesting to note that your picking hand will be picking notes on quarter note triplet beats. (on all the ď1ís or TriísĒ above). The repeated notes on the downbeats help to keep rhythm in the lick. I pick the first of every three note grouping on a down stroke (this helps keep the lick clean as I hold the higher neighbor strings with my middle and ring finger of the right hand). Try repeating the lick over on beat 3 of the 2nd measure or improvise on the concept. Good Luck! Remember to take it slow and build up speed as you gain confidence in the lick. Stop by my site for more licks, sound clips, music and more!