Cal Arp Trucking!

Hello! My name is Cal Freeman, and this is my first column here @ cfh. I'm a 32 year old business owner that has been hard at guitar for over ten years now!

In my quest to become a totally over-the-top, shredrageous guitar player, I have come up with a few ideas you may or may not have heard or seen (although almost everything has been played at one point or another). I was at least hoping to bring something different to the grab your geetar, and let's start shredding!!!!

Example 1 is an ascending run on the high E string in Dmaj. Once you get the pattern down, you can utilize speed picking to really make this basic lick take off!

Example 2 is another run on the high E string although this time it's in AMaj, has a six note-per-string picking pattern, and it's in descending form as well.

Okay, now were going to change the tempo and direction here a little bit and talk about arpeggios!! These next two examples I tried to show you how you can take a Am pattern, tweak it a little, and just by adding a few notes, turn it into an Adim pattern...remember and try to keep the sweep pick motion smooth when using the tap, as I may or may not have done in the audio

Example 3. This arpeggio covers all 6 strings, and has an unusual slide pattern when you get to the G string 6th fret, you slide up to the 9th fret. The tricky thing is, for me anyway, to keep the motion smooth without sacrificing the moment (making it sound as if it didn't use a slide tech). Now pay close attention to the second part of this example. This time I started the pattern with an open note on the low E which coupled along with the 12th fret tap. I think it gives it fullness and well-rounded sound.

Example 4. Now here is the fun part. Taking the same exact idea mentioned above, one can alter the sound and musical value of this arpeggio tremendously. Originally in Am, I added notes on the A, G, and high E strings. Twelve notes to the total example changed its musical value to Adim, which I felt made for an interesting concept.

Moving right along now...this time I want to briefly talk about one of my favorite topics, pedal points (tones), or repeating a certain note, and ascending or descending on one or several strings. I know that was the most vague description of the definition but maybe this next example will clear things up some. This example is played on the E and B strings.

Example 5 is a pattern in GMaj and in descending motion... Watch out for the little tricky part, you have to hit the G string 12th fret when ending the first part of this example...and the G string 9th fret on the second part...When you really get it up to speed, it sounds really interesting. Feel free to experiment, add notes, strings, taps, you name it. We're here to have fun, so run with it!

Now this next example is basically a prototype lick I'm working on for a solo of mine in DMaj. It's fusion, meets blues, meets jazz kinda thing that incorporates a basic string skipping pattern (you theory buffs will eat this right up in no time), but as for me, I'm still summarizing it all up.

Example 6. I have always loved and enjoyed slide-type runs and licks, this is no exception. This run uses the E and B strings for the first part. I tried to make it interesting by moving down to the G string, and skipping up to the E string...remember, the faster, and more fluent you play this lick, the cooler it sounds!!

Now I will conclude with my all-time favorite scale the maestro YJM made popular...

Example 7. This run is in Eb Major. Though I used alternate picking for this example, feel free to use economy, or even circular picking if you feel the need to (although that tech is best used for arps)...Remember to use the widest vibrato you can when ending this lick, wide vibrato is a must!!

Well, that's about it for now. Next time we will talk about 3 and 4 string runs and licks, and more pedal points but I wanted to close with these thoughts...First, I wanted to take the time to thank Chris for having me. Second, I want to apologize for the vague dissections of these examples. Third, thanks to you all for taking the time out to dl my sound file examples....Finally....MAY THE SHRED BE WITH YOU ALL!!!!!