New Tapping Sequences

Hi I´m Pablo Garcia and I play in the Progressive Rock Band Relative Silence.

I would like to introduce you to some new ways to play tapping licks. Tapping will sound a little different than typical EVH taps. Behind every tab is the fingering that I use and where I pick and tap the notes to make tapping. I use fingers 2 and 3 so I can hold the pick and play taps. All licks are in the key of E minor / G major. Practice them slowly and clean and then increase the tempo.

First are groups of 9 notes played in 16th sextuplets so we create an accent displacement which makes this sound more interesting. The left hand goes up an E minor scale on one string following the three note per string pattern but starting with an open string note (E). The right hand is tapping always on twelve fret (E) this way we create an obstinato repeating always the tonic E on root position and an octave higher. First of all get down the nine notes pattern [0-2-3-5-12-5-3-2-3] and then try the full lick. This can be played on any string and in any key that has some open string notes like A minor, D minor, G minor, etc.

Lick two is a tap with string skipping. The notes are groups of seven notes played in 16th sextuplets. On this lick the left hand follows the G major three note per string pattern and the right hand is playing octaves (G``-G`-C`-C-G`-G-D`-D). We are again creating an accent displacement. Notice that I only pick the notes when I go from a lower string to a higher one. This also combines starting with a downstroke on one string and starting with a tap note on next string, which creates a fluid sound.

This final lick combines the previous licks so we will have 9 and 7 note groups, some string skipping, two right hand fingers taps, and some other ideas I hope you will enjoy..

I hope you find these ideas interesting and that they show you some new ways to play tapping licks.

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For more information check out my site Pablo Garcia´s Guitar Website. Here you will find some more lessons, transcriptions of George Bellas and more ,etc..


the following bio material provided by Pablo Garcia

I was born on the 26th of December, 1976 in Oviedo, Spain.

I began to play the guitar at the age of 16, summer of 1993, by my own. A month after I started playing, I saw Michael Angelo´s instructional video and I was in shock, I said to myself that I have to practice all that I could so I started to practice, practice, practice...even eleven hours a day. I tried to listen to all the guitar players I could: Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt, Paul Gilbert... But when I discovered John Petrucci I was in shock. He is my biggest influence, as Dream Theater´s and LTE music are.

In the summer of 1997 I went to IMT in Madrid where I learned Modern Harmony, I studied the three years in just one month. At that time my life was fully dedicated to the guitar and the music. I played from when I woke up until I went to bed. I also have gone to some jazz classes with Joshua Edelman and Chema Saiz.

I´m actually more into instrumental shred music and of course progressive rock. Listening to George Bellas, Jason Becker, Symphony X, etc...

My first band was when I started to play with some friends playing covers and making some of own songs. Then when things became more serious I joined a Speed metal band called WAR-CRY. The vocalist was Victor Garcia, actually in Avalanch, and the bassist was a friend of mine, Aitor. I stayed there for about a year and a half, then I joined Presto as second guitarist and we record a four song demo titled "Discipulos del Miedo". The more important thing to me is that we opened a show for Yngwie Malmsteen at Quattro in Aviles! Then things were´t very good so the band was dissolved.

With Dani, the drummer of Presto, I began a progresive rock project that later would become Relative Silence. We made some covers of DT and Rush, and we recorded a cover of Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" for a radio contest . Now we are recording our new CD that we hope will be out early 2001.

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