Diminished Lick of Doom

Welcome to my fourteenth column at the world's greatest guitar site, “Chops From Hell”!!!! This site rules, and I am always very proud to be associated with such great innovators in the modern online guitar revolution. My new email address is: Drop me a line anytime.

In a previous column, I had discussed a way that I like to pick legato passages using what I call “Legato Picking”. Now I'm going to show you a super-speed riff using this picking technique that I like to call the “Diminished Lick of Doom”. I guarantee that you will turn heads anywhere, anytime using this lick up to speed.

Take it slow at first, paying close attention to where the up and down strokes are in the tab. Like I have said before; use the picking strokes to push and pull the notes in different directions like a violinist does with their bow. I hope you enjoy this lick and learn to move it around in many different positions. See you next time.

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