Tapping Tricks

Hi, my name is "Satanic" Tom Geldschläger. I´m a 17 year old german guitar student. In this column I want to show you some ideas that can make your tapping technique more interesting. First, I like to show some ways to use tap-harmonicks. This technique is often used by Eddie Van Halen to spice up the standard tapping licks a bit. But I figured out some other cool things you can do with it.

Lick 1: This first lick uses the Algerian scale in F. After every tapped note the left hand bends the note in ( ) a half step up and then release it.

Lick 2: This lick combines tap-harmonicks with a fast legato run. Be careful with the last two taps on the B and high E string. It can be difficult to make these notes sound clear. Practise it slowly until you can do it perfectly and then speed it up.

Lick 3: This one consists of 3 parts. The first uses double-taps, the second uses string skipping and with the third we are again in the world of tap-harmonicks. This lick sounds only good when you play it fast, so you better practise. The part with the tap-harmonicks is played a bit different from the other licks. You must play the note in ( ) and the tapped note in < > almost simultaneously. You can get some very cool sounds and licks with this way of playing tap-harmonicks so you should experiment with it. For me this works great to create exotic soundings.

Let´s look at some things you can do with tap slides. There are many guitarists out there who use this technique very often but I hope I can show some things you didn´t think of, yet.

Lick 4: In this lick the left hand plays a simple sequence in the F# major scale ( in 3-notes-per-string form ). I only added some tap-slides to create a "moving" sound.

Lick 5: Now, let´s come to something more difficult. This is a sick one! It´s basically a Paul Gilbert-like string-skipping lick. I tried to keep this easy to understand as possible. It´s all C major pentatonic in 3-n.p.s. form. The only unusual idea is to play a part of the scale on one string. I do this with some total crazy legato and tap-slides on the high E string. Now it has a real "screaming" sound. Playing scales on one string is an important part of modern guitar playing. Every shredder should learn this! Btw: Playing this lick without a pick in your hand can help a lot.

Lick 6: The idea that I showed you in Lick 5 can also be used for little "fill-ins" in your solos because this is a cool way for going from one end of the fretboard to another. This can make a lot of fun. But don´t hurt yourself when doing this too often.

And to finish it off, I wanna show you one of my favorite guitar tricks. It´s simple but it looks very impressive. There´s no tapping in here but i hope you´ll find it as interesting as I do.

Lick 7: While you´re playing this legato lick with your left hand, use your right to dampen the strings about the first or second fret. So you can avoid any noises. This technique is used by Joe Satriani in "Cool #9" in a more spectacular way. Try to find your own variation of it. Basically it could also be played with sweep-picking but this way it sounds better and looks very cool.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip in the world of tapping tricks.

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