SHANE GIBSON - guitarist for KoRn and Jonathan Davis

Polyphonic Singing #2

Ed. note - Don't miss Shane's first multi-format Chops from Hell instructional release "HELPS THE SHREDICINE GO DOWN...".

Welcome to another one of my exciting editions of POLYPHONIC SINGING!!!! Please refer to my past VOCAL column for instructions on how to perform this technique.

What you may or may not know is that the series of overtones heard within just about every sound we hear, actually follows a scale. No matter what the pitch of the fundamental note, the overtone series is the same scale.

What I (along with the Tuvan Monks, and other various really good looking people) am doing is manipulating my fundamental note, which happens to be C#, and shooting out the overtone series in that key, whilst maintaining the fundamental note. In this First example, I am going straight up the scale.

This magical overtone scale happens to be.............(drum role)..............a LYDIAN b7 Scale. That translates, by intervals, as.... whole, whole, whole, half, whole, half, whole. The tab for the notes are here. (The ninth fret on the low E string represents the fundamental note, and the other notes run up the Lydian b7 scale). Also note that the 9th fret on the low E string is supposed to ring throughout this exercise.

So, now we are working on our intervals. Keep in mind that each note is still within the overtone series. For this exercise, the fundamental note is F. Remember to hold that sucker out as long as you can.

Same Idea, but now we add that outer-worldly #11 (in this case, B natural). Keep that fundamental ringing, and feel free to experiment with this shite in the music you may write. Hope you guys and gals enjoyed......... METAL!!!!!!!!

Shane Gibson


Berklee College of Music Graduate, Shane Gibson currently resides in Los Angeles California. He has studied under world renown guitarists Jon Finn and Joe Stump, among others. Shane's latest solo project, which includes world famous drummer Thomas Lang, is currently in progress, and should be done by the end of this year.

Shane Gibson endorses Carvin guitars, Bugera amps, and CurtMangan strings. He tours the world doing clinics and workshops for these products. Shane has:

Performed at NAMM 2006
Performed at Music Messe in Germany 2007
Performed at MI in Japan 2007
Been featured on Young Guitar Magazine from Japan (Sept. issue) 2007

A quote from the amazing Ron Thal, aka Bumblefoot. "EXCELLENT ! ! ! ! ! F..@$ing Excellent! You suck beyond belief. By suck, I of course mean suck, as in you f* rock. You suck so much that I took it upon myself to put a link on my site, hope ya mind. PS - you're gay. PPS - in all seriousness, *great* stuff - man, I'm looking forward to seeing ya get out there and get the recognition you deserve :) bbf"

Jason Becker....."This guy smokes!!! Great compositions as well.."

Mike Varney of Shrapnel records......"One of the best new shredders around, hands down."

Thomas Lang......"Shane Gibson is one of the most uncompromisingly creative and unique guitar players on the scene today. His playing is insanely complex, yet musical and always innovative. There is no pretention, no fuzz and no compromise in his music and it's an honour and true challenge for me to work with him."

Jon Finn ........."Shane never ceases to amaze me."

Derek Taylor ..."Sounds like you would need to keep a fire extinguisher close by when you play that one. Wow!!!! That type of stuff is amazing"... :

Rusty Cooley...."Shane is a great new player on the scene... sick chops and deadly rhythms!"

Doug Stapp...."Wacky playing! I haven't heard crazy stuff like that in a while. Like Micheal Angelo on crack....Just better! Very hip."

Marty Friedman...."Your guitarist is a maniac" (directed at singer of Shane's band 'Defable')"

Joe Stump: "I can honestly say that Shane is among my most advanced students. He is constantly improving both as a player and overall musician."

SCOTT STINE...."Unfreakinbelievable!!! Is that a word?"

Shane Gibson is a "Berklee's Best" scholarship recipient. He has won "Battle of the Bands" two years in a row in the state of Florida. While in Boston he has recorded 3 radio jingles and has been a studio musician in countless projects.

Former bands include; Teiousekkai, Channel 9, Cofield, Novial (with friend and "Moments in Grace" front man Jeremy Griffith), Fools Mistake, and Excuse.

Shane's past creation, "Mr. Stork" is an intense mix of metal and "who knows" styles of music, which include 13 songs. Influence include; Bjork, Meshuggah, Tool, Slayer, Dream Theater, Al Di Meola, Bumblefoot, Ozric Tentacles, Vai, and The Mars Volta.

Shane would like to thank Erika Kimura (my inspiration), Jeremy Griffith (reason for playing), Jason Frazier (I didn't know fingers could do that!), Christina Slocumb (who's a buddy?), Ashley Bailey (for always being my audience), Chris Stanbrook (most metal bassist ever) Damion Sanchez (Filthy good drummer) and every other friend who has made an impact on me as a musician. To my family, "you are the best." Anyone else I forgot, thank you.

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