1st Column


What a completely refreshing and superbly arranged piece of music! Loved the drum track but I loved the guitar adventures even more... a fine example of pure sonic wonderment and indescribable skill!
-Colin Lynch of Besonic

Here is a short hypothesis. Suppose J.S. Back went down to his local music shop and purchased a Les Paul Guitar and a Marshall stack? Perhaps he would have created symphonic guitar rock the likes of Shiva Sky.
-Philip E. Hardy of Besonic

With all the skill that an accomplished keyboard player might display in rendering the works of Bach, Shiva Sky accomplishes with the electric guitar. The performance and technical skill seem patterned after the metal work of Jason Becker, but the blending of traditional and metal is a styling that shows an emerging uniqueness by Shiva Sky.
-Bill Wright
PennyWhistle Androids

Speak for yourself Mr. Shiva, you are unworldly fast! I think we need to collaborate on something one of these days! Might be pretty sick! METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Shane Gibson

Len Joseph Gonzalez was born June 6, 1974 in the Philippines. A.K.A. unknown guitarist from the Philippines ( He wanted to try out neo-orchestral guitar music in 2004 because of Malmsteen's orchestral suite in Eflat minor. A shredder from South East Asia and was influenced by Kirk Hammett to Alex Skolnick, Joe Satriani to Steve Vai, Malmsteen to Becker, until discovering buckethead in late 2004. A Shawn Lane enthusiast and dedicated S.L. a track called "brainiac's worst nightmare" under unknown guitarist from the philippines. Joined several music websites which gained recognition on a site called His tracks were symphonically recommended and charted under World-Classical-Symphonic.

Starting July 2004, He created a neo-orchestral metal movement called Shiva Sky (, Classical techniques are the product of its equation. Reviewed at and featured on some sites. Shiva Sky is influenced by Malmsteen, Becker, Paganini, Bach, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Transiberian Orchestra and most of All..The Final Fantasy Series!!....Got its name from a guardian force named SHIVA....Tracks like Asia Minor Saga and The Aurora Magistral Orchestra had an orchestral eastern flair with some shred tactics. He is currently recording some symphonic shred tracks for an upcoming album.