Matt Hale once again and have I got some tapping licks for you. Most of these licks use some or all of the fingers on the right hand, but use what feels most comfortable to you. Finally, in the last lick I added a little slap or two, more on that later.

Lick 1. This lick is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Lick #2. This lick is similar to the first lick and is really fun.

Lick tres. This lick uses sweeping and tapping. Yup.

Lick 4
s= slap and p= pop

notes in parenthesis indicate notes muted by the right hand.

Slap by hitting the end of the fingerboard with the second digit of the thumb. The thumb should be perpendicular to the string not parallel. Popping is pretty easy, just pull up on a string with the first or second finger on the right hand and release.