String Skipping Arpeggios

Hello everyone. Bassist Kyle Honea here with another column. These days I have many ideas for the bass. Here I include 2, two handed tapping ideas. In the past few months I have also come up with several new picking exercises for bass that I will discuss in the future.

Here I use two handed tapping to conquer these 7th arpeggios, employing a string skipping pattern that gives the arpeggios a “bouncing” feel. I move these arpeggios up and down chromatically. B-C-C#-C-B-C-C#-C. For right handed players, tap the top notes on the G string with your 3rd finger on your right hand (next to little finger), and tap the notes on the A string as you bounce back and forth with your 2nd finger on your right hand. Both hands are at work here. Remember, all tapping, all legato here.

normal slow

the following bio material provided by Kyle Honea

I started playing bass when I was 17, influenced heavily by Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee (and the inspirational lyrics of Neil Peart). I became motivated to practice for hours on end, always trying to better my fingers. By the time I was 19, I had landed a "spotlight column" feature in the May '92 issue of Guitar Player magazine.


Ominous Guitarists From The Unknown - "Mercury Bath" ('91)
Derek Taylor's Dystrophy - "Ain't Got No Use For It" ('94)
Scot Stine's Broke - " Hey Lejato" ('94)
A couple of tracks on Guitars On The Edge CDs - ('91-'93)

I must also mention that Carvin was kind enough to endorse me for a couple of years ('92-'94). So where have I been since '94? I returned to being a musician a year and a half ago. My bass slept for 5 and a half years! Laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances. So now I'm back and I hope you'll enjoy some of my playing.

For my current instrumental project, I am attempting to enlist virtuoso drummer Robin Qubty. My new musical project is in full-swing, however, I am constantly writing and introducing new ideas into my compositions. Maintaining my technique takes a lot of time also. Keeping the moving parts, moving! I currently play a 4 string custom bass, and I love GHS medium gauge strings. My amplification remains Peavey. I have no official endorsements. My string gauge is:

G - .050
D - .070
A - .85
E - .105