Terrifying Taps

This first lick is a killer way to get a flurry of notes while tapping, this trill is from Mr. Big's "Addicted to that Rush" It involves tapping and hammering on the same note, it takes a little bit of practice to get the coordination down but it is well worth it the next time you step out front for your bass solo, or that unision tap line that your guitarist has been wanting you to play with him.

Trill from Hell

This next one is the tap lick from the Racer-X tune "Scarified", it is a little more involved than the trill, but the concept is the same.


Since Kyle Honea is now on board, I decided the leave the arpeggios to his more than capable hands, if you havent checked out his video clip, do so now! I recorded the audio clips with my modified Ibanez SR890, "Trill from Hell" is a patch from my Line 6 Bass Pod, "Tappified" is the same patch but, with both pick-ups on and no dirt. The following audio clip, "Sheehan-ized", lets you see what can be done with this technique kind of a "Shy Boy" lick on steroids, same patch as "Trill" Front pick-up (P style) only.