Slap Paradiddles

This is a line to get your slapping chops into shape. It is based on a drum rudiment called a paradiddle. A drummer plays a paradiddle by alternating stick strokes: right-right, left-right, left-left, right-left. For this slapping example it will be done like this: slap-slap, pop-slap, pop-pop, slap-pop. This example will also help you with 2 finger popping. Feel free to email me with any questions.

T=thumb slap
P1=index finger pop
P2=middle finger pop

On the news front: I am pleased to announce that I just recently signed an endorsement deal with Seymour Duncan/Basslines pickups. I have used their pickups for years, and in my opinion, they have no equal.
seymour duncan pickups

My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered losses in the WTC attack. God Bless.

Scott Hubbell