Sweep, Slap, And Tap For Bass

3 fingers right hand tapping technique:

This is a lick I play in the band I play called Veda, I use to play it slow with the band but I find it pretty cool fast too. All the notes are tapped and where there is a T above the note it has to be tapped with the right hand. The three fingers of your right hand you have to use are index middle and ring finger. For the left hand, index, middle, and ring fingers are necessary.

Sweep Bass:

It's a technique I pick from guitar and adapt on bass, the only one other which I heard using this techniqe is the bass player who played on the album solo of guitarist Joey Taffola. So, I use only my thumb like a pick. I'm going down and up with an hammer and pull off when I arrive on the high E and G. It's a bit tricky but with some training you'll do it quite easily! The arpeggio is a simple C Major.

Open Hammer Thumb Pluck:

I use this term to this lick cause of Victor Wooten who does some kind of open hammer pluck to make some kind of triplets. So I add a thumb to make some sixteenth notes. So the technique is quite easy:
one thumb right hand
a ghost note with the left hand (you have to hit the strings with all your fingers)
again a thumb right hand with a ghost note
and finally you pull the G or D string (depend of the case)

the following bio material provided by Marc Johnson

I was born in 1981. I began playing bass for 5 years. Last year I entered a French college of music in Jazz section. I play in a prog' metal band called Veda ( wich we just recorded a demo CD. And now I give bass lessons in France in a city called Toulouse. My main influences are: Michael Manring, Victor Wooten, Robert Trujillo, TM Stevens, John Patitucci, Stanley Clarke, Richard Bona, Dominique Di Piazza...but I try not to hear only bassists so I have as influences too: Ron Thal, Matthias Eklundh, Greg Howe, Joh Petrucci, Bela Fleck, Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl, etc...
My instruments are:
- a Musicman Stingray 4 strings
- a yamaha 6 strings J. Patitucci model
I have a website: and soon you could find some licks in it.
Keep the bass and have fun.
My e-mail :