Crazy Speed Picking No. 1

Hey there fellow axe maniacs!!! I'm Ged Leitch and this is the first in a series of articles dealing with rock guitar soloing. Please note that most of my articles will be aimed at the intermediate or advanced, although beginners are welcome to have a go as well!!!

First up, I'm going to throw you into the deep end and start off with a short speed picking sequence.

Rather than follow the traditional alternate picking method, down up, down, up etc... Speed picking uses the same pickstroke when crossing strings, like a mini sweep, I prefer to use it when ascending. Speed picking has been used by such legends as Gambale and even Malmsteen. To my ears, speed picking has a more fluent, agressive sound to it than strict alternate picking which can sound a little contrived and rigid.


One thing you need to make sure you are getting right is to keep your fretting hand relaxed. The thing about this technique is not so much with the pick as many people believe, but rather, it's the co-ordination between the fretting hand and the picking hand that is the cornerstone of this technique. Remember to practice at a slow and comfortable tempo, just concentrate on getting the co-ordination synced up between both hands, then and only then gradually increase the tempo as you get more confident.

Here's a full sequence for you to get stuck into!!!

Well, there you have it folks, hope that will keep you busy for a while. Any queries please don't hesitate to email me at:



Ged leitch is 26 years old and has been playing guitar for 9 years,he is currently writing his debut album.