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Fun with Pentatonic Tapping

Performance Notes:

Ok, if you see the video clip below you know that this one's pretty difficult. However, upon closer examination this lick is just the same simple A blues/pentatonic scale repeated up 3 octaves...that's the good news. The 'not so good' news is that there is a lot of fast left and right hand motion, and that can get a little confusing. I would say that this lick would be a accurate representation of my soloing style, so I feel very comfortable discussing this technique with you.

At the beginning of the video, I demonstrate this phrase at a slow speed so you can see the intricacies involved. In a soloing style that uses a lot of tapping, you almost always start off by hammering down the first note with your left pick here...followed up by another 'hammer-on' with a different finger, and then by the right hand 'tap.' This assumes that we're playing 3 notes per string. Anyway, this same type of rhythmic pattern is repeated through the scale. In descending motion, you would tap the note first (right hand), then pull-off to the 2nd note (left hand) and then pull-off again to the 3rd note (left hand). This sounds more difficult than it really is, so watching the video to understand what the hell I'm talking about would be a good 'thang!'

Another important technique used is right hand control/anchor. By lightly grasping the edge of the neck with your right hand thumb, 3rd finger and 4th finger, you can control your hand motion with ease. Without this, the right hand would have no base thus making it very difficult for you to 'lock-in' and synchronize with your left. It will also sound real sloppy as you will pick up 'undertones' and feedback from the other strings. Which leads me to say that this technique also acts as an all-important string dampener.

Once you've got this lick down (slow), you're now ready to take part in extreme self-indulgence at a quicker tempo! Kinda like I did....well, I gotta show off a little."

Ryan Maza / Warp 3

the following bio material provided by Ryan Maza

Ryan Maza, Warp 3 - B I O G R A P H Y

From their formation in 1999, WARP3 has since captured a sizable niche audience in the states as well as overseas, particularly in Italy, where Maza writes an ongoing instructional column for the Italian publication 'Guitar Chef Magazine.' Ryan has recently been asked to contribute similar articles for the '' website. Along with last year's release of their debut CD, 'Music has Evolved,' the band launched a companion website which has catapulted to top positions in major search engines on the World Wide Web. The eye-catching site has also received critical acclaim in Internet circles, leading to product endorsements for Maza from Elixir Strings and Kradl Picks.

Guitar virtuoso Ryan Maza founded Warp 3, and also writes and arranges most of the band's music. Dense close-voiced harmonic structures, clean, chopping stabs of chords and horn-like "sheets of sound" round out the guitarist's arsenal. Although he can execute intricate passages with speed and finesse, Maza prefers to 'hold-back,' focusing the listener's attention on the song. In fact, he considers his compositions to be an integral part of his playing style, in which leaving space for other instruments to share the spotlight is a major component.

Maza is no neophyte to the Arizona music scene. Well known and respected as a 'hired gun' for studio projects, and as an 'on call' fill-in for other bands, he has done demo-compilation work for the Roland music company as well. Ryan, who plays a custom Warp 3 guitar built by renowned luthier Bob Mick, was nominated for the 'Best Guitarist 1999' award in the band's hometown.