Jaw-Dropping Slap Guitar

Scott was kind enough to allow the use of the following clip at the site. This has got to be seen to be believed! For more info on Scott and his incredible playing be sure to visit Although there aren't any performance tips to go along with this clip, just seeing it should be inspiring enough to get you thinking in new directions! The clip is 1:15 in length and a fairly hefty download at 2MB, but definitely worth the wait.

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I began my quest for Guitar Stardom at the early age of five. Since that time, some seventeen years later, I've accomplished more in my career than most people could ask to accomplish in a lifetime. Making my first live appearance in front of an audience at the age of eight years old, and at the age of ten, I performed a benefit show with Shrapnel Recording Artist, Pat Travers. In 1989, at the young age of eighteen, I landed my first major endorsement with Fender Musical Instruments. In the years that followed I've been featured in numerous guitar magazine articles. First, was Guitar Player Magazine's "Spotlight" column in the August 1990 issue. Then being featured in Guitar for the Practicing Musician's December 1990 issue in the "Resume" column. In 1991, I entered Billboard Magazine's song writing contest, and won an achievement award and was rated in the top ten percent of the entire category. In 1992, I appeared in Fender Frontline's "Artist Advice" column (volume # 7). 1992 began my professional recording career, armed with a guitar, and knowledge of two-handed arpeggios and some unusually quick techniques, I took on my first recording project with Shrapnel Records. The album entitled, "Ominous Guitarist from the Unknown", a compilation album featuring original recordings, "Tonic System" as it's first cut. Moving on to then record, "Domesticated" on Mark Varney's Quarterly C.D. Sampler, "Guitar On The Edge" Volume I No. 2. This was also a compilation album which featured such artists as Greg Howe, Allan Holdworth, Brett Garsed, and the Dixie Dregs. In 1995 my self-titled album, "Omnidirectional" was released on Legato Records. Currently I'm working on new material and plans are in effect to record more albums in the near future.