Pentatonic Tapping

Hi !

Here are some tapping licks in E minor pentatonic (don't mind the tonality in the audio files, my guitar is tuned lower). I like playing this stuff mainly because the kind of intervals you can use in pentatonic tapping provides a good balance between dynamic and fluidity, and these exercises are like legato exercises but with intervals only accessible by using your right hand (more dynamic). Also, it allows you to skip strings with hammer-ons (more fluidity).

Ex 1 is an ascension in odd grouping. Be careful with clarity.

Ex 2 is the same thing but reversed. Easier.

Ex 3 is less complex. You can play it pretty fast.

Ex 4 looks like a banal legato lick adapted to the tapping technique.

Anthony Morgan is a young French guitarist and composer currently looking for a band. Visit for some audio and video files.