A Diminished Idea

Hi to all, my best wishes to al the guitar community. Well, this time I want to show you a lick of alternate picking and sweep picking on the diminished scale. Do you know the diminished scale? Well I suppose yes, but if not let me tell you that there exists three types of diminished scales, the three are symmetrical with equal intervallic distances. Let me explain. The intervallic structure of the diminished scale alternates between two versions, one starting as whole tone / half tone, and the other as half tone / whole tone, and of this form we complete our octave. The resulting tones are eight per octave.

By example:
Whole-Half= W-H-W-H-W-H-W-H
In A tonality this is: Whole-Half=A-B-C-D- Eb-F -Gb -Ab -A
In A tonality Half-Whole is: A-Bb-C-Db- Eb -Fb- Gb -G –A

As you see exist differences in the two forms

Well, another symmetrical scale is obtained from the Diminished 7th chord, its formula is 1-b3-b5-bb7 this makes a symmetrical intervallic structure of four tones equally distanced by one and half tones. This diminished scale is in reality a diminished arpeggio, but in a book of music theory this is called sometimes the full diminished scale. For example in the A harmonic scale we find the G# diminished arpeggio that has four notes: G#-B-D-and-F.

Enough theory lets start the lick!!! The lick employs notes of the A harmonic scale in a fast picking motion, all the notes must be played alternate picked. Then I use sweep picking and finally legato technique. You must practice slowly and then increasing speed. I use notes from the A harmonic minor scale and the G#diminished arpeggio. Finally I will to tell you that this type of scale being symmetrical, contains some strange sounds, that sounds are called unstable, and this means that it needs to be resolved into a more stable chords or harmony. In harmony this is called dissonance, and it is very useful to add tension to any composition you make, because when resolving you create the beautiful sensation of tension-release & interest in the music.

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