Zak Pleet

String Skipping

Thanks for checking my column out. I designed it for all the die hard want to be shredders that found only advanced ideas on this topic, and wanted more of an introduction to it.

Legato - the legato examples I have are three note per string ideas, that I find very good for building the skill of legato string skipping. The pattern goes from the strings E, A, G, A, E. Then for another example I can extend the pattern to E, A, G, A, G, E, G, A, E. Then a quick ascending A,G,E,G,A pattern.

Stacatto - this example takes influence from the Jag Panzer piece the "Scarlett Letter". I do a sextuplet pattern on the E, then a sextuplet pattern on the G, then A, then G, back to the E. For the extended, start on the E, then G, then A, then E, and back down.

The next example is a more advanced run, using all 6 strings.

the following bio material provided by Zak Pleet

I've been playing electric guitar for 3 years. After about a year and a half of playing, a friend that isn't too fond of the shred style of playing, kindly directed me to this site and introduced me to the likes of Rusty Cooley and Francesco Fareri.

Since then I've dedicated myself to extending the limits of my playing (that includes recently beginning the study of classical guitar), and soaking up as many Gilbert/Tull/Fareri/Cooley/Broderick licks I can.