Maximum Shred Factor I

Lick 1 is in the key of F# minor. It's more of an intervallic lick than scalar. If you analyze what's going on, each individual string is as follows:

6th string: F#add4 arp
5th string: Badd4 arp
4th string: Eadd2 arp
3rd string: Aadd2 arp
2nd string: C#m add4 arp
1st string: F#m add4 arp

To execute this lick, pick the first note when ascending only, no picking descending.

Lick 2. This is a C#m arp lick. It contains tones from C#m11, F#m, F#m7, G#m7. Execution: sweep like hell.

Lick 3. This is a tapping arpeggio lick that uses two fingers of the right hand to tap. The tonality of the lick is Em7 to D7. There is no picking in this lick. Everything is either a hammer, pull, or tap.

Lick 4. This is a two string F#m pentatonic lick utilizing economy picking.

Lick 5. This lick is for the die-hard shredders only. No tab could be used. It has to be heard to be believed. One can of coke used in making this monster lick (ed. note: your favorite cereal beverage works equally well).

the following bio material from The Rusty Cooley Online Experience

I started playing guitar on my 15th birthday. Frustrated with guitar lessons, I decided to study on my own. I remained almost exclusively self-taught until my junior year of High School when I was offered music theory courses in which to enroll. That summer I attended the National Guitar Summer Workshop in Conncecticut.

I obtained my first teaching job my senior year of High School. Upon graduation, I went on to further my studies at North Harris County Community College. My first sigificant band was "Revolution", with whom I recorded and performed original music. We were fortunate to open for such headliners as Badlands, Nitro, Every Mothers Nightmare, and Southgang. Upon my departure from "Revolution", I formed the band "Dominion" with bassist Brent Marches.

In '95 I entered and won the "Guitar Master Series" in Houston. It was during this period that I began to work on my own original guitar compositions. These songs represented my desire to record an over-the-top guitar instrumental release featuring state of the art chops and strong melodic content. I was also selected as a runner up in the AIM "Jason Becker Scholarship Search". I got my first seven string in early 96 and have played them exclusivley ever since. I also hosted 3 episodes of a local access cable show called "World Class Guitar Techniques", which airs in the Houston area. In March '98 I was invited to join Shrapnel recording artists Haji's Kitchen but declined due to relocation problems.

My demos have been reviewed at Guitar 9, Guitar 2001, and numerous other sites. I have been featured on numerous compilation CD's such as the Guitarapalooza compilation, and currently perform in the group "OutWorld" along with bassist Brent Marches, and keyboardist Bobby Williamson. We are currently in the process of writing and recording instrumental as well as vocal music.

I have recently gained an endorsement with Jackson guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups., eat, sleep and breathe music for the mind!