Richard Roncarolo

String Skipper

My name's Richard Roncarolo. I'm part of a french guitar duo called "Heavy Guitars", with my friend Cyril Lepizzera. We are about to release our first album, and are both endorsing ELIXIR strings.

Our compositions are a mix of progressive arrangements, neo-classical themes. I'm playing in the legato / tapping style, and Cyril is more into shred / speed picking.

You can hear our tunes as well as lessons and other things at

This legato / string skipping sequence is based on a Em scale. I'm used to praticing these kinds of things for warm up. I, of course, use a bunch of these licks in my playing, since I like the "waves" of sounds it creates.

I hope you enjoy this little exercise. It's an honour for me to have a column in Chops from Hell.