Gianluca Russo

Diatonic Arpeggios (Greg Howe's Style)

Hi guys,

I'm very happy you chose my column!!!! In this area I would explain basilar improvisation concepts about rock-fusion masters like Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Shawn Lane etc…I prefer startin' from Greg Howe particular use of diatonic arpeggios…

Greg Howe diatonic arpeggios positions:

Now, a creative use of them….

1. For fifths and fourths:

2. With fragments of scale:

Try these concepts with all positions. Sing every note (remember: it's very important assimilating sound patterns…So it will not be a pattern for your brain any more!!!!!!!! Speed will come…Now it's necessary "thinking" like Greg or Brett!!!!

Here a few examples taken from my songs "two a swatch era" and "for mic o'leo":

"two a swatch era" - break

"two a swatch era" - finale

"for mic o'leo"

These are only start pointing . See you soon for other ideas (arpeggios for sixth, chromatic approach, rhythm control, connected patterns, etc.).

For any questions

the following bio material provided by Gianluca Russo

Gianluca Russo started to playin'guitar (bass,drums…) at the age of fourteen influenced by Y.J. Malmsteen and great Italian song singer-writing Lucio Battisti (very strange!!!!). Autodidact until eighteen, he discoveres Greg Howe and Brett Garsed...

Didactic experience: Gianluca begins didactic ways with renowned masters like (master classes) Steve Vai, Brett Garsed, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Virgil Donati, Steve Smith (drums remains his first love), Ric Fierabbracci (bass too), Tommy Emmanuel. As regards private studies, he started to learn classical guitar (with the master Lucio Canu), rock tech (with William Stravato) and bebop and fusion language (with Umberto Fiorentino).

Working experience: very active as session-man since eighteen; he works with Italian rock band like Antipodi and BB. At the age of twenty becomes guitarist, music arranger, background singer and producer of Italian rock band Quore and Italian song singer-writing Daniele Tonelli; as regards studio collaborations, very important for his musical development: great italian drummer Lucrezio De seta (Virtual Dream, Alex Britti), Stefania Calandra (Phil Collins, Alex Britti), Roberto Celio (RAI, Mediaset), Giovanni Palombo (great italian solo acoustic guitarist). Actually in tour with Sanremo Giovani partecipant Marella and legendary percussionist Jermano. Now he's working to a solo album called "Confusion"

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