Inverting of 4 part harmony

The material documented here serves as a model. Emphasis should be placed on exploring it in all the keys.

Gmaj6 = Em7, Cmaj9, A9sus4
Gmaj7 = Em9, A13sus4, Bm(m6)
Gmaj7+5 = Em(maj9), A13+4 or +11
Gm(Maj6) = Em7b5, C9, F#+7b9, F#alt
Gm7 = Bbmaj6, Ebmaj9, C9sus4
Gm(maj7) = C9+4 or +11
G7 = G7
G7sus4 = G11
G7b9 = Bb7b9, Db7b9, E7b9, Ab, B, D, F
G7b5 = Db7b5, A9+5
G+7 = Db9b5
G13 = Dm6/9, Fmaj/b5

This is an example demonstrated with C Harmonic Minor Scale harmonized with close and open voicing.