Arpeggio Study

This study uses 16th notes. It starts with an Emin arpeggio adding the 2nd (F#) on the fifth string. Moves to a Bmin arpeggio adding the F# at the end which helps move back down to the Emin arpeggio adding F# again. Finishing with a Gmaj arpeggio. Repeat or use this technique of adding a note to the arpeggios you all ready know and play.

Mike Shouse has been playing for over 15 years. Attended G.I.T. of Hollywood, CA in 1992. Versed in many aspects of guitar. Favorites are Instrumental Rock, Classical, Flamenco and Blues. Favorite guitarist is Satriani, Vaughan, Malmsteen and Zack Wylde. In 2001 Mike released his debut instrumental CD, “Enter the Soul” on his record label SPEKTRUM PRODUCTIONS. A full time art teacher, composer, part-time actor and indie film producer Mike still finds the time to teach lessons to friends and at a local college. You can check Mike's music and movies out at and at Email Mike at