Tony Smotherman

Legato Workout - part 1

Hello Eveyone,

I'm really excited to have my first column at Chops From Hell (Thanks Chris). For today I'm gonna focus in on working on your left hand. This lick gives your left hand a little work out, it's done all with the left hand in legato and only picking one note per string. Most of this lick is 4 notes per string excluding the running head start I use in A minor. The tonality is a bit strange, I borrow from the whole tone scale and pentatonics. When mixed together there is a funny tonality, let's just say next time your at your gig don't throw in this lick into your I-V-IV. You may either get an appluase from your guitar friends, strange looks, or get kicked out!!!! Work on this lick really slowly then build up your speed. It's really always important to work slowly and become clean most importantly, before adding velocity!! Have fun and don't forget that's why we started in the first place!!!

See ya, Tony.

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