Tony Smotherman

Column #5

Hello everyone!

Here are a few licks that I enjoy playing when the timing is right. The licks are in order to work on legato, string-skipping, sweeping, and alternate picking.

Have Fun!!

Lick one is a dominant run. Try using this over A7 or a D# augmented chord shape.

Lick two is the way I like to approach the diminished arpeggio. This involves string skipping and sliding.

Lick three are major arpeggios using the simple arpeggio formula: C major, D major, and E major. I use my tremelo bar to wave the notes to get that singing tone.

Lick four is an alternate picking run where I play the pentatonic shape on the E string and move up to the B and back down to the E and string-skip to the G. I just string-skip the shape, basically.

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Tony Smotherman has been endorsed by Peavey Wolfgang guitars, Line 6, and DR strings. Tony has released an instrumental CD entitled "Embracing the Spirit" and has released and instructional rom for "Chops From Hell". Tony plays weekly gigs in Jacksonville, FL and can be reached at or