Old School with THUNDERBREW - #3

We're back with the third installment of "Oldschool with THUNDERBREW".

Lick 1. This is a lick using a double tapping technique using the A Dorian Scale and resolving on the root.

Lick 2. This riff uses a combination of double stops, bends, and heavily muted pull-offs. This works well over anything in the key of G.

Lick 3. This lick screams through the G minor pentatonic scale and adds a classic sweep technique through an A minor arpeggio.

Lick 4. This is a great lick to practice shifting through several 3 note per string scales. This works well over Bm, Bm7, or D major.

Lick 5. This lick moves through pentatonic and Dorian, using a series of full and 1/2 step bends.

Lick 6. This is a sequence moving through the D minor pentatonic box. Try using this through other scales and arpeggios.

the following bio material from

Thunderbrew is one of the Philadelphia area's premier heavy rock bands. Formed in 1997, Thunderbrew began touring thoughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland, building a dedicated following. The band began promoting themselves for two years before joining with H.S.R. Entertainment Group in 1999. Thunderbrew has been receiving great press reviews through local papers and on the internet, proving their determination and confidence. Voted "Best New Talent" in October 2000, the group's songwriting ability is one of their strongest selling points musically. The creation of brought a whole new group of listeners and fans. Ranked in the top 100 on the Heavy Metal Charts at for the past six months, "Mr. Greed, Mother Earth, and Spare Change" all topped out at #17 on the list of thousands of competitive bands in their genre. Thunderbrew is a heavy, guitar-driven metal band with all-pro musicians and "catchy" vocal hooks. The group is currently finishing their full-length CD project and are shopping for label interest.

Daran has been playing since the age of 15 in various bands and clubs in the Tri-State area. In 1999 he won the best musician award, and has continued his career as a full-time guitar instructor at Pro Musica Studio in Kennett Square, PA.

Rick has been playing guitar in the Delaware Valley with various bands for 13 years. He's toured most of the Delaware Valley clubs. Rick has developed a good reputation as a guitar player opening for national acts.