Improving Your Picking (Part 1)


This is my second column in CFH and I hope you've enjoyed the first one. Thanks for the ones who e-mailed me! In this column I will show you some exercises to improve your picking.

This first one I used in "Living Different Sides". It's in F# Locrian, observe that the logical repeat each 2 strings. I suggest you begin with an up stroke.

The second one approaches the 3-1-2-3-2-1 logical, going down on E minor scale, I prefer also to start with an up stroke.

Shredding at B minor scale with another "well-known" logical.

So now turn your metronome on and start practicing, always paying attention to the pickstroke. Begin very slow and then go on and on and on… increasing the speed. Practice a lot and you'll be rewarded. But remember, make practice part of your life don't let your life resume on it. Don't forget your friends, and don't forget the chicks!!!

That's all folks! Stay tuned for "Improving Your Picking part 2" and if you have any comments or questions please write me.

See ya!

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