Neoclassic Progression in D Maj

Hi friends, this first exercise for "Chops From Hell", combines different techniques from alternate picking to sweep, legato etc. The chords progression begins with a Dmaj three strings arpeggio, followed by G diminished, B min7 and Amaj, which is the V░ of the key of D, so the Amaj legato scale leads straight to the Dmaj arpeggio in order to start again the progressionůI have noted some picking indications that I consider very important for having an easier execution of the lick.I think that it is a good exercise especially for the right hand. I hope you enjoy it.


Composed and transcribed Salvatore Vecchio

*Keyboards played by Simone Damiani.

the following bio material provided by Salvatore Vecchio

Salvatore Vecchio is an Italian guitarist and didactic columnist for guitar magazines and webmagazines. He is currently playing with two bands; the first one, Ivory, is a power-prog metal band with an up-coming debut album for the label Underground Symphony. The second group, Attitude, is his solo instrumental project and, after a successful demo-CD that has received many great rewiews all over the World, Salvo is now recording the official Attitude's first CD, "Overflowing", more oriented on rock/fusion.

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