Whacky Tappy

Hello and welcome to the second installment for CFH. This lesson is focused on the use of two handed tapping. This has an unusual unorthodox approach to tapping as for one the choice of fingering we will be using and two, the way the fingers are moving across the fretboard.

Try and focus on the left hand first by hammering onto the fingerboard in a tight rhythmic fashion as this will enhance the fretting hand somewhat and prepare it to run in conjunction with the tapping hand. The tapping hand is using the second and third fingers whilst still keeping hold of the pick. The reason for this is simple, the last thing we need is to be playing our solo in a conventional method with our pick and then have to dispose of it when we come to do tapping.

Once you have practiced the fretting hand move onto the tapping hand and practice in a similar manner. Paying attention to detail and interval distance! After a while your fingers will start to develop what is known as muscle memory and you will simply be aware of your coordination.

And as I always say to my students, observe the lesson deeper than just what you see on the surface. In other words learn these licks, then "rip them apart", make them your own, and create your own ideas from them.


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