what's that supposed to mean?

Installment 6 for WT. The following ideas are pretty similiar to a killer technique that Eddie Van Halen uses in his intro to "Mean Streets" from Fair Warning. If you don't have this disc (!?!) go buy a copy of it! It's one of my personal VH fav's and full of tremendous guitar playing, great songs, and and a 'load of attitude. The technique is an unusual combination of tapped harmonics, legato business, and percussive weirdness. I've tried to notate the technique below, nothing is picked, it's entirely legato. I've omitted the legato marks, to keep the tab at least somewhat simple. The first note in every bracket is the fret where the tap takes place. This indicates a percussive tapped artificial harmonic. The touch is quick and light, and is directly against the fretwire, unlike stardard tapping technique. The second note in each bracket indicates which note is being held with the fret hand (if any). For instance "<12/5>" would mean to tap the percussive artificial harmonic at the 12th fret while fretting the 5th fret with the other hand. This all takes place as one note and, along with the brackets, is indicated by TH. Got it?

OK, here's our first example. The last notes are smacked with the side of the thumb.

Example 2. Note the slide up to the 10th fret D string with the pinky followed by a pull-off to the 7th fret, and then more harmonics.

Example 3. Pretty self-explanatory, after getting through the first two above...

Example 4 basically starts with ex. 2 and tags on some extra tapped harmonics. Notice the pull-off to the open D string followed by a hammer-on to the 7th fret A string without a previously picked note.