Diminished Lick (Cottage Cheese)
"Here is a lick which I wrote in my head before I actually picked up the guitar and wrote the song for my band Prolapse A.D. Typically, our style is straight up (comedy) thrash but this one has more of a progressive feel to it with the use of 7 string guitars in the rhythm section. I wanted to do something in the style of Jeff Loomis, so this is a combination of legato, alternate picking and economy picking. I have added the legato/slides etc. as indicated but feel that this particular lick could be phrased in so many different ways I have left that up to the discretion of anyone who wants to play this lick. The lick is over a C# tonal centre, so it goes from an E# diminished in bars 1 and 2 into an A# diminished in bars 3 and 4. Bar 4 make use of a cool hemiola which is characteristic of many classical pianists. Finally, it resolves with a half step bend to a B which the next riff in the song is in. I would encourage attention to the slides in particular as these are quick and really give the authenticity to that style of guitar playing. I hope you guys enjoyed this lick!"

Nik Sampson is a London based guitarist with years of international touring experience and has played at several festivals including the UK's Bloodstock Festival 7 times since 2010. Nik currently takes lessons from Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance/ex-Megadeth) and plays for the UK Prolapse A.D; Splintered Soul and Mera Drive.

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Instagram: /niksampson