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Vocal “SECRETS” of professional singers, vocal coaches, voice doctors, and rock stars revealed!

What if I told you that I have discovered just about every well-kept secret that the world’s greatest rock, pop, blues, and heavy metal singers, voice coaches, and voice specialists have known for years? What if I told you that I have spent 15 years and 1000’s of dollars in vocal lessons, books, DVDs, videos, and vocal programs, studying the voice and vocal production, and have created a way for you to have access to ALL of this knowledge, while investing far less time and money??? Would that grab your attention???

Trial and error best describes my case, and I mean a lot of it! I have been singing since I could talk, but I didn’t start studying voice until 1988. Around that time, I was singing in a cover band, 2-4 nights a week, and doing fairly well, but I was having trouble hitting all of the high notes with the same power and ease as all of my favorite singers. I listened to the popular singers of that time, and was awed by their vocal ranges. I just couldn’t figure out how they sang so easily, especially night after night of touring. Singers like David Coverdale of Whitesnake, Marq Torien of the BulletBoys, Steve Perry of Journey, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Jim Gillette of Nitro, and Tony Harnell of TNT seemed to possess an uncanny natural ability to sing higher, louder, longer and stronger than any other singer on the planet, and I knew that they knew something I didn’t. My vocal repertoire wasn’t limited to rock. We also performed pop, blues, and country tunes, all of which I struggled through night after night. Even my speaking voice began to deteriorate.

Although I didn’t have any of the answers to changing and saving my voice, I kept singing songs too difficult for me, and the day after a gig, I could hardly speak as a result of the strain on my voice. I could always sound great that first night, belting out the songs and not worrying about the consequences. I figured that was the way it affected everybody and figured that I could learn to live with it. I thought that by “not speaking” for the entire day of a gig, that my voice could handle one more show. Boy was I wrong!

If we played the next night, I ALWAYS struggled. I tried cheating by singing songs in falsetto instead of full voice, but Guns-N-Roses, Led Zeppelin, Journey, Def Leppard and AC/DC just didn’t sound quite right when I sang these songs with a weak falsetto. Although this made it easier for me to sing night after night, my voice lacked the power and quality I had from belting out the tunes.

So, I finally sought out a vocal coach from a local college only to be told that there wasn’t a correct technique for rock singing and that my voice was too low to ever sing what my heart desired.

So I thought to myself, “What should I do”? Push myself to sound great and vocally suffer, or settle for the weak sound of my falsetto, just to save my voice? I realized that I didn’t have to settle for either choice by making a decision to find the answers myself! If other singers could sing with ease, then anyone should be able to obtain the same results. I knew this had to be true, especially since several of my favorite singers had very deep voices when they spoke, and could sing extremely high. I was determined to find an easier way, so I began my research to find any and all available information about the voice.

I was obsessed with learning as much about voice as I possibly could. I took private lessons, dissected books, studied different styles and techniques, watched videos, and tried various vocal exercise routines. I even moved to Hollywood, California to study voice at the Musician’s Institute.

Through years of experience and research, I have acquired an ENORMOUS amount of information about singing and the voice. There were multitudes of misconceptions about singing, and I’ve been through just about every single one of them. After over fifteen years of seriously studying the voice and figuring out what did and did not work for me, I decided to write down (in a journal) everything I could ever want to know about singing. Although I originally intended this to be a journal for my personal use only, positive feedback from singers and friends with whom I’ve shared my findings, finally convinced me that this journal was too important to be kept to myself!

Thus my book, Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition was created…

But my journey didn’t stop there. My thirst for vocal knowledge was so intense that I created a website called The Voice Connection, to publish my findings and share vocal knowledge with others. By giving free voice lessons, studying and reviewing voice related books, DVDs, and products, and interviewing professional singers, vocal coaches, and voice doctors, I was able to help other singers while advancing my own passion for knowledge as well. What I have learned so far is astonishing! (You NEVER stop learning!) I have found ways to dramatically improve the power, range, and quality of the voice without spending years developing “the perfect voice” and spending hundreds of dollars on vocal training.

In the first year of The Voice Connection, (before Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition was released) I found myself in a situation in which I had to have neck surgery due to two herniated discs. After surgery, my neck was very stiff and tight and I had to develop a particular way to warm up my voice and release neck tension that would benefit me personally. Alas, the Vocal Stress Release warm up program was created. I have seen astonishing results with this system. This unique system stretches, strengthens, and relaxes all of the muscles involved in voice production. I created a sort of “vocal yoga”, if you will.

But the Vocal Stress Release program is only one of MANY aspects. Another incredible discovery was developed from my interviews with professional singers. Through the dissection of their voices-I was able to create The Singer’s Checklist, which is a guide for protecting and strengthening a touring singer’s voice. These two points in the book are worth the price of the book alone!

The Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition program has been so successful that I even have endorsements from professional singers and vocal coaches:

* * * * *

“I have never studied voice. I’ve learned to sing logically, on my own. Jaime Vendera gave me a copy of Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition while I was touring with RA. Being on the road, I haven’t had the chance to implement any of the techniques in Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, but I really liked the book!

-Sahaj Ticotin-Sahaj is lead singer of the band RA. RA’s debut CD, “FROM ONE” was released in 2002. RA had success nationwide with the single’s “Do You Call My Name” and “Rectifier”, and most recently, “Fallen Angels”, off of their sophomore CD, “DUALITY”.

Sahaj liked Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition so well that he allowed me to use the lyrics to RA’s song “SKY” from their debut CD “FROM ONE” in the book!

* * * * *

Hey Jaime,
Just wanted to say that I took a peek at a few pages of your book. Interesting stuff there! You obviously did a lot of research. I was especially impressed with the vocal health section. There were things in there that even I didn’t know. Well done.

Tony Harnell- Lead singer of TNT, WestWorld, and Star Breaker Band

Tony was most impressed by the knowledge in the vocal health section and has even contributed to the book!

* * * * *

This message was taken directly from The Voice Connection Message Board!

Subject: Training Boot camp with Jaime
Name: Phil Tayler-singer/songwriter-Future Leaders of the World
Date Posted: May 30, 05 - 10:24 PM

Whatsup everyone!

Just spent a couple days training with Jaime now that I'm done touring for a while and he's helped me a lot. We've been working on strengthening my voice and building endurance. For anyone who knows my music, it takes extreme concentration and training to be able to perform night after night at the intensity level I do. The whole "dry rasp" vocal style can be very taxing at times and seemingly impossible to maintain performing 100% on the road. So when I was introduced to Jaime I was wondering what he could do to help to make my job easier and more fun really. First of all the best thing about him is that he's actually into rock music. He's knowledgeable in the genre that he's teaching so he knows how to help students acquire what they’re looking for. I've been to several vocal coaches and most of them don't sing rock, never did, and don't really respect it as a vocal style or valid art form, seeing as it is seemingly harmful to the natural state of the human voice. Not that I'm knockin my other coaches cuz they have helped me a lot too, but it's just easier for me to relate off the bat you know? Anyways he actually hits the notes the same way I do, but also with the same grit and way higher, so immediately I had respect for what he would teach me and knew he could help. We went through a bunch of warm-up exercises for falsetto and normal voice, all with the intent of bridging these as one voice. Then adding the grit towards the end of the warm-ups after my voice was loose. At first this was really hard, building my upper register with a full voice and grit, instead of the partial falsetto I was using before on the screams. But after a few hours of practice I was starting to feel an increase in range and a sense of comfort in the upper range I was foreign too. This was really apparent when we practiced the method to some of the songs on my album "LVLIV"(in stores now).I was really excited to see that I could hit the same notes with the same grit without straining my voice or hurting afterward. Although I couldn't hit all the notes perfect with this method right away, I can tell that with serious dedication and daily practice, this method is going to save me a lot of hardship in the future. He has really opened my eyes to a new approach to my music that is more healthy and higher quality vocally as well cuz I'm in more control of my voice. So thanx alot for helping me out Jamie! I'm writing new songs for the next Future Leaders of the World album right now and also getting new members seeing as the others decided to part ways. I'm excited about the changes in my career and am happy that Jamie is a part of them. Check out our websites for CD's clothes, merchandise and updates as well as to chat with fans and see what I'm up to. Jamie's the real deal and he can seriously help you be a rock singer if your dedicated so check him out. I gotta lotta work to do now so I gotta go. Peace out!

Phil Tayler, lead singer of Future Leaders of the World

* * * * *


I’m glad we met. I have always believed that if you treat people real, you will get the same in return. I enjoyed the interview and I appreciate all that you are doing by mentioning me throughout your next feature. Also, I have been reading your book and GOD you know so much more about the voice than I know! Your theory and knowledge of the mechanics of the voice is overwhelming. I will find all of this very invaluable. Thank you.

Speak with you soon,
James LaBrie, lead vocalist of Dream Theater

* * * * *


I’ve skimmed through your book and I must say it looks good! I can tell you’ve done your homework. When I get a chance to read it thoroughly, I’ll give you my honest opinion. Whether you want it or not!

Jim Gillette- Lead singer of Nitro and Organ Donor, and creator of the hard rock vocal instruction video, “Jim Gillette’s Vocal Power”.

Jim did get a chance to read Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition. He was so impressed with my program and believed in me as a vocal coach so much that he decided to pass along his highly guarded “glass shattering” secrets to me. Jim is known throughout the world as the highest and loudest singer ever, and for his ability to shatter wineglasses. He regularly performed this feat, using an amplifier while on tour. Jim was approached to perform his glass-shattering feat as part of a segment for the Discovery Channel show, MythBusters, on Good Morning America. Jim declined the offer and suggested me for the part, offering to teach me his secrets!

The MythBusters were so awed by my performance, power and range, that they truly believed that I could shatter a glass WITHOUT amplification, which would make me the first singer in documented history to accomplish this feat. Did I do it???? Yes I did! By applying the Raise Your Voice program and learning Jim’s secrets, I was able to “perfectly” and “accurately” hit the note and add enough POWER behind the note to shatter a glass and gain this title.

During filming, I passed along my voice strengthening and glass shattering secrets to Adam Savage, co-host of MythBusters, and now I have revised Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition to pass along ALL of my glass shattering and performance secrets to you!

* * * * *

An Endorsement from a MythBuster!

I’ve been singing in the shower for years, and have never had any kind of formal voice training. With about three minutes of instruction and a healthy dose of his seamlessly boundless enthusiasm, Jaime Vendera helped me to shatter a crystal wine glass with my voice (through an amplifier, but still, we had professional opera singers that couldn’t do it!) He’s one of the easiest guys I’ve worked with, has apparently no ego, (in a good way) and for helping me bust a myth that we thought only the highest-trained singers could achieve, I dub him an honorary MythBuster.

Adam Savage-Co-host, MythBusters, on the Discovery Channel.

* * * * *

Already Convinced Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition will help you out? Click H E R E to buy Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition!!! Let me explain something. The first universal truth that I have discovered is that technique is technique-regardless of whether you sing country, pop, gospel, rock, blues, or heavy metal. So, what makes my system so different than any other? Because I was probably the world’s worst singer! I couldn’t hit the notes, couldn’t hold the notes, couldn’t match the notes and I ALWAYS woke up with a sore throat after every night that I played. So I busted my butt until I conquered each one of these challenges.

That lead me to the discovery of another universal truth- “If it hurts when you sing, then you are doing it wrong”. So, if your voice aches when you sing or you are straining to hit the notes, then something is out of whack! A pain in my throat plagued me for years, until I had finally figured out exactly what it took to sing with a minimal amount of effort and how to develop vocal stamina (being able to sustain any note in your range at any volume, with the smallest amount of breath pressure WITHOUT tiring your voice). Remember, this took years of vocal study, hundred’s of books, videos, and programs, grueling hours of hit and miss, and personal realization, until I finally developed a program that produces results!

Click H E R E to buy Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition!!!

So, let me ask you a few questions, to see if Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is right for you:

Does your voice tire easily when singing?

Does your voice crack or break when you sing?

Do you wish you could improve the quality of your voice?

Do you wish you could develop your vibrato?

Do you wish you could overcome stage fright?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a singer but didn’t know where to start?

Have you ever dreamed of auditioning but were too afraid to try?

Are there certain keys that you avoid singing in, because they tire your voice?

Would you like to increase your vocal range?

Would you like to develop a dynamically powerful singing voice?

Would you like to develop vocal stamina-for live performers who feel their voices begin to deteriorate towards the end of the night?

If you answered "YES" to ANY of these questions, then Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is DEFINITELY the book for you! It is THE owners guide for the voice! Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is a 400+ page, 4-part vocal instruction training manual, with more than 160 pictures, illustrations, “Useful Tips”, contributing articles from more than 20 world renowned vocal coaches and singers and audio files to guide you through the process.

These are questions that all of us who love to sing have dealt with from time to time, but each one of these areas should be viewed as a challenge to be overcome, not a handicap that we must learn to live with! I’m here to help you in each area where you feel challenged. I use the word Challenge because all challenges are meant to be overcome, and WILL be overcome by you, with technique and discipline. I’ll supply the technique…You supply the discipline!

In Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, I reveal techniques that have been PROVEN to improve your voice in areas where we have all had trouble at some point, usually in range and power. Consider me your “Voice-Strengthening-Specialist”! In Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, I will show you methods to sing higher, louder, longer, and stronger, and I will teach you proven techniques to effortlessly sing throughout your range, so that you won’t have to work at singing!

Here’s one simple point that can dramatically affect the singing voice:


Proper breathing can be achieved by developing your Maximum Breath Potential, which is fully explained in Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition.

I promise you that if you only applied my breathing techniques for One month, you would be AMAZED at the difference in your vocal power and stamina! By developing correct breathing habits, singing will begin to become second nature! Remember- “If it hurts, you are doing it wrong”! Singing should be fun, and if you have to try hard, you’re not singing, you’re working!

The Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition techniques were designed to strengthen and develop the singing instrument, regardless of style! I truly believe that technique is technique-My techniques can be used by ANY singer, beginner or professional, from choir boy to the big boys (and girls), and will help singers from ANY style of music, from metal to blues to pop to country…You get the picture.

Already Convinced it will help you out? Click H E R E to buy Raise Your Voice!!!

Don’t take my word for it. Here is an endorsement from one of Hollywood’s most respected recording engineers:

Jaime Vendera understands and explains the voice in such a manner that I can relate to what was causing my own vocal problems. Most importantly though, he has shown me how to replace the bad habits with good ones! I’ve always believed that all bad vocal habits can be overcome, so long as there is someone to guide you in the right direction. Jaime is that guide. Out of the 50+ vocal instruction books I’ve purchased, “Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition” replaces them all!

Dallan Beck-Director of the Recording Institute at MI Author of Recording Vocals, Recording Drums, and Recording Acoustic Guitar, published by Hal Leonard.


Buy Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition and receive a FREE lifetime membership to the “MEMBERS ONLY” section on The Voice Connection (a $197 value). With lifetime membership, you’ll receive online support for the Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition program, through continual updates, including vocal instructional videos, audio exercises, and audio interviews with professional rock stars, vocal coaches, and voice doctors!

Here’s a peek inside Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition:

Part One, Understanding the Voice explains the mechanics of the voice and all components of the body involved in singing. Part One presents the vocalist with a complete explanation of the vocal apparatus, and principles for developing proper breathing techniques, correcting pitch problems and techniques to develop your own style.

Chapter 1: Learning to Breathe Again
Chapter 2: Vocal Focus
Chapter 3: The Vocal Spark (AKA The Creation of Tone)
Chapter 4: The Vocal Break
Chapter 5: Understanding Falsetto
Chapter 6: The Zipper Technique
Chapter 7: Hydrating the Voice
Chapter 8: The Importance Of Pitch
Chapter 9: Listening on the Inside
Chapter 10: Developing Style

Part Two, Vocal Health is an entire section devoted to teaching singers such aspects as the do’s and don’ts of singing, conquering stage fright, eliminating poor speaking habits, and supplements for vocal health that will help the vocalist to make the most out of their instrument and maintain a healthy voice. As an added bonus, the “Fixer Elixir” is a section that reveals several key ingredients that can be used to create a gargle solution for relieving a sore throat.

Chapter 11: The Speaking Voice
Chapter 12: The Voice of the Mind
Chapter 13: Ailments of the Voice
Chapter 14: Enemies of the Voice
Chapter 15: The Singer’s Medicine Chest
Chapter 16: Diet and Exercise
Chapter 17: The Singer’s Daily Regimen

Part Three, Strengthening the Voice, offers a complete vocal training system that will strengthen and train your voice to reach your singing potential, and increase your range up to an octave! This system starts with The ULTIMATE vocal warm up, called the Vocal Stress Release program; an intense vocal warm-up that will release vocal tension and prepare the voice for hours of singing. That’s just the beginning. Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition approaches vocal training from a different aspect. Never again will you have to do thirty minutes of boring scales from a pre-recorded tape (unless of course you want to. In which case we also supply you with scale exercises in the “Members Only” section of The Voice Connection.). All you’ll need is a keyboard, a guitar, or a small hand-held device called a pitch wheel. The Isolation Method Is a unique system of vocal development, which “isolates” the individual pitches and vocal muscles to assure maximum gains in range, quality and power. This method is based on three simple exercises, and can be completed in as little as ten minutes. These three simple exercises work together to strengthen the voice by following a powerful, effective pattern:

Exercise One: The Falsetto Slide: Strengthens the falsetto!
Exercise Two: Transcending Tone: Strengthens the transition from falsetto to full voice!
Exercise Three: The Siren: Strengthens the full voice!

Why are these three exercises so powerful? Each exercise is performing multiple duties. Not only does each exercise strengthen different muscles and aspects of your voice, they also individually improve your breath control and help to eliminate your “vocal break.” “What’s the vocal break”, you ask? The vocal break is the area in your voice that cracks when you try to sing higher. This is because you are straining unnecessarily. There is no reason that you should have to strain to sing higher. Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition will teach you to sing as high as you want with little effort and without straining your voice!

Also revealed in this incredible book are the seven secret steps of the Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition singing system. If you follow these seven steps, your singing potential will skyrocket! You’ll also learn exercises for creating vibrato, and “non-vocal” exercises for taming the tongue (Tongue Pushups) and taming the larynx (The Bullfrog.) Plus, you’ll learn a song dissecting technique called “Song-Mapping” that will teach you how to break down any song into an easy-to-understand singing pattern. “Song-Mapping” features the song “SKY” from Universal recording artist Sahaj Ticotin and his band RA. And, last but not least, a printable diary for keeping track of your daily progress.

Here’s a look at the chapters from Part Three:

Chapter 18: The Isolation Method
Chapter 19: Ultimate Vocal Warm Up
Chapter 20: Falsetto Development
Chapter 21: Transcending Tone
Chapter 22: Full Voice Production
Chapter 23: Key To Vocal Freedom
Chapter 24: Developing Vocal Endurance
Chapter 25: Developing Vibrato

Part Four, Taking The Next Step presents you with Advanced techniques utilized by world class singers and vocal coaches; ways to take your voice to the “professional” level. We present techniques for developing vocal inflections such as grit, improve vocal workouts and even “shattering glass with your voice”. For performing and recording musicians, Stage & Studio presents some of the best tips, tricks and tactics for the best stage performance and recording session possible. You’ll also learn about vocal processing technology; what mic to use, what effects best suit a singer and even how to set a compressor. We also present you with a Daily Practice Guide- a way to track your vocal progress. To finish the book, we’ve included several Appendixes that list the best Voice related products and books, vocal coaches and a vocal health and technique “Cheat sheet” for quick reference. Let’s take a look at the chapters in Part Four:

Chapter 26: Progressing Further
Chapter 27: Advanced Techniques
Chapter 28: Stage & Studio
Chapter 29: Daily Vocal Routine

Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is a 6 X 9 book that easily fits into your gig bag; It is THE most handy singer’s guide Available!!! Several people had the privilege of reading Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition before it was published and even beyond that, we wanted to share the overwhelming response we have gotten since the release itself. See what a few of them had to say!

Or...if you are already Convinced it will help you out? Click H E R E to buy Raise Your Voice!!!

* * * * *

"Having been a singer for nearly 40 years, I didn't know how much to expect when I read this book. I was instantly surprised to learn that I had MUCH to learn. His explanations were very easy to understand and his vocal exercises improved my vocal range very quickly. I highly recommend this book!"

-Mark Teeters-Owner of Allegro music store in Portsmouth Ohio, and singer for the band Mindchaser

* * * * *

I’ve been singing as long as I can remember and I have always felt pretty good about my singing voice. When I took lessons from Jaime, he helped to teach me to pay more attention to my voice. When I actually started listening, I couldn’t believe to changes! I noticed that I could be lazy at times, but that all changed.

When I read Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition I really learned a lot about my instrument, especially how to care and protect my voice. I like to party with my friends, but now I realize what an effect drinking and smoking have had on my voice. Besides, I could never fool Jaime when we had a voice lesson and I was hung over. He ALWAYS let me know. I’m very thankful for his guidance. By changing the way I look at my voice and treating my voice with respect, by not drinking and smoking, I have improved my voice tremendously.

-Christina Butler-vocal student

* * * * *

I can’t believe the changes in my voice! He had me hitting notes in the very 1st lesson I never thought was possible. His exercises are amazing. There is so much that goes into singing that I didn’t realize. I had band practice right after my 1st lesson and my band was like “ Man, your voice sounds great. What are you doing different?” I told them about Jaime Vendera and his techniques. They were totally blown away by what I told them I had learned. I was able to sing all night without losing my voice.

After several lessons, I convinced Jaime to let me read his book. The voice lessons were just the tip of the iceberg. Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition has so much information, you could read it 100 times and learn something new each time!

-Ray Dickerson-vocal student

* * * * *

A couple of years ago I was working in a music store when I ran into a guy looking through the Judas Priest CDs. Just by chance, I happened to say, “Man I’d kill to be able to sing like that!” So the guy sort of looked at me and said, “ Oh yeah? You should come buy and try my program sometime. I guarantee you won’t have to kill anyone.” Well, that guy was Jaime Vendera, and less than a year later I was auditioning for bands…singing Judas Priest songs.

Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is the real deal. Using the Falsetto Slide, Transcending Tone, and The Siren exercises will improve your voice exponentially, if you are willing to put the work in. Within the 1st two months of using Jaime’s exercises I had increased my full voice range by four notes, while working up to a Soprano high C in my falsetto register.

So if you are as desperate to improve your voice as I was, stop dreaming and start reading “Raise Your Voice” right now!

-Aaron Straker-vocal student

By implementing the Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition program, Aaron was able to increase the range of his voice by eight notes, his very first lesson! He went from an E above middle C (a typical break point for males) up to a full Tenor high C, in FULL VOICE… WITHOUT STRAINING!!!

* * * * *

I really liked Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition. It was instructional and inspirational. It gave me ideas I have never thought of before and it was easy for the layman.

-Stephanie Keen- Project Manager and creative editor of RAISE YOUR VOICE

* * * * *

Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition was absolutely the most surprising thing I have read in a long time. As an information collector, I was amazed at how many facts and tips this manual provided. I have never been able to sing well enough to not feel like I was torturing those around me, so reading vocal books was not a high priority on my list. Thank God that I stumbled across Jaime’s Manual because I know more now about the voice and its terminology than ever before, even things I didn’t realize I wanted to know about were in this manual.

I had never really thought of the voice as an instrument before I read Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition either. I always thought there would never be a way to make my screeching vocal-lacked abilities work well with a song, but with a little time and effort and the help of this manual, I have improved my voice enough so that when I am singing in the car or the shower, I don’t feel like I am skinning a cat, and with a little more instruction, hopefully I can take the next step…karaoke bar!

Molly Burnside- Web Designer for Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, and THE VOICE CONNECTION

* * * * *

Hey Jaime,
Just wanted to say I took a peek at a few pages of your book. Interesting stuff there! You obviously did a lot of research. Well done.

Tony Harnell- Lead singer of TNT and WestWorld

* * * * *


I’ve skimmed through your book and I must say it looks good! I can tell you’ve done your homework. When I get a chance to read it thoroughly, I’ll give you my honest opinion. Whether you want it or not!

Jim Gillette- Lead singer of Nitro and Organ Donor, and creator of the hard rock vocal instruction video, Jim Gillette’s Vocal Power.

* * * * *


I skimmed thru the information in Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition and I am impressed. I really thank God for teachers that have their students best interests at heart and aren't in to just try{ing} to make a buck. Hopefully I would like to take some lessons with you if you are ever in the DC/MD/VA area.


Anthony Howden

* * * * *

I picked up your book and started reading it on the way to Hawaii and I could NOT put it down. What a wonderful book!
Steve Augeri-Journey, Tall Stories

* * * * *

Loved the book. Your knowledge is impeccable.
James Labrie-Dream Theater

* * * * *

** This was taken straight from the Message Board **

Subject: "Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition" is AMAZING!!!!
Name: Caesar Arnanz
Date Posted: Aug 13, 04 - 10:25 AM
Message: Hi there!

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Jaime for writing such an incredible book about the voice, it’s great!!!! As a lot of people out there I’ve seen a lot of methods but this one is the best by far. The reading is very easy, with so many graphics and clear explanations, and the exercises work from the beginning, plus the audio files are the ones I’ve always wanted to hear, I mean, real examples of what the teacher wants you to learn.

Reading this book I have the feeling that the voice is not a well known instrument even for many professional vocalists, so I would recommend everybody, from beginners to professionals, to read it with the interest it deserves...the result will be a lifetime of vocal health and singing without a problem.

I think the focusing of "Raise your voice" is that, you know: Everyone can learn to sing without a problem, in any style, and you can always improve your voice, there’s no limits.

So, after seeing all the methods that for example mentioned Manolito Mistiq on his post I can say this book is beyond all of them, it puts you right on stage full of confidence. It seems at last the video "Vocal Power" has a book at the same level, which is cool!

Thanks again to Jaime, a REAL teacher. Take care,


* * * * *

Hey everyone, this book really does kick ass and Jaime is a great guy. It’s amazing actually being able to email someone with this much knowledge and get a response. I have been singing for about a year. I have really had no formal training or vocal teacher but this has helped me learn much about my voice. So far, I have been able to hold out 20-30 second screams and go back into singing just fine. My range has become very strong. I now sing from a G3 to a A5, and I can go into the 6's and 7's in falsetto.

What Jaime has is Gold. This is literally been the most useful thing I have ever bought. You will actually be able to feel the muscle power in your voice. Thanks a lot Jaime, hopefully we will get signed one day and I’ll reach 3 octaves and you will interview us. Then you'll ask how did you learn to sing, and I’ll say, reading "Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition" and a few slippery elms.

Thanks Jamie!

Dillon E, Lead Singer, Valience

* * * * *


Just got your Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition & browsed through it already.... All I can say is that I REALLY LOVE IT man !!! The manual is almost perfect & easy to understand...

THE SIREN exercise is my favorite... Keep up your good work. It definitely will benefit all vocalists out there... I hope you can visit my country one day!!!

TQ - Nizam Naseri,(from Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA)

* * * * *

It's an amazing book! With Jaime's lessons, I've learned to sing clearer, more powerful and I've learned "the raspy" voice in just 3 weeks! If you really want to learn how to sing great, then this is the book for you. It's true what Jaime says: Anybody can sing! It's like playing an instrument: you just have to train to be better!

I was just about to buy this book, when Jaime contacted me and told me that I was one of 3 lucky winners! I didn't realize how lucky I've been until I started reading this book. It explains exactly how you should sing, and how it feels when you're doing it right. It also contains a perfect warm-up, which you can read on the "free lessons" link at The Voice Connection. I just want to say: Thank you Jaime, for teaching me (and many others) how to sing!

Anton Fladvad

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Hey, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the help that you have given me! We have a couple of songs where I wanted to challenge myself and try to reach notes that are a little difficult for me to hit. When we first came out with the songs, the notes weren't very hard to reach- a challenge, but reachable. As we played out more and more, it seemed that I was having more difficulty getting up to those notes and, it soon got to the point where I just cracked all over the place when I tried to hit them.

Then I was introduced to you, and you introduced me to your Vocal Stress Release section of your book. The exercises not only are helping me to strengthen my voice, I can now sing louder and higher than I used to, and with less effort so I can sing longer and hold out notes longer as well.

Thank you very much for all your help- I can now hit those once unreachable notes every time!!!

Seth Kelley, Lead Singer, CRUTCH

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Before I started reading and working out of Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition, I could barely sing at all. I basically owe my voice to the knowledge in this book, as well as diligently working with Jaime’s methods. If I hadn’t found RYV, I probably would have given up learning how to sing. Instead, I have made a tremendous improvement in my vocal technique and strength in the past year. I am continually surprised by the gains I am making in range and power. I am now confident that my progress will continue and that I will achieve my goal to become a great professional singer. Thanks!

Dave Cardwell

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I've been using RYV exercises sporadically, and they always work. Even if I have not used it as a systematic routine I have had great gains, especially in the quality of my voice. Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition has allowed me to develop my own style, because it has helped me get rid of limitations within my range. Jaime's explanations are clear, the audio examples are of great help and the visualizations he uses hit just the right spot. Apart from the system itself, Jaime gives a complete body of knowledge that is of great help in desperate situations. Thanks to all of this I went from HATING my voice to being able to not only like it but hearing how it has improved.

Sincerely yours,

Santago, Chile

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"I have been working with exercises in the Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition book (RYV) for three months now and I don’t think I’ve ever sounded better. After using the RYV warm-up exercises I can sing right through my vocal break and sing higher than ever before. Jaime’s website, The Voice Connection, is a great extension to RYV where you can learn more about the RYV system with audio, videos, interviews, forums and more. Granted I still have a lot to learn, but I feel the progress I have made in such a short time has given me the confidence I need to reach my vocal goals. Thanks, Jamie "


Andre Rossell

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I really found Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition to be one of the most amazing books about the voice. It really gave me a whole new way of looking at singing. On top of the book being great, the videos, which you get access to online once you purchase the book are really incredible no other voice coach does this except Jaime! Get Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition you won't regret it!

Jeremy Kocher

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The information and exercises in Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition have enabled me to achieve goals that I never thought possible. If you are looking to strengthen your voice, extend your range, sing with grittiness, develop/discover vibrato, improve your falsetto, smooth out the breaks between registers, understand vocal health, etc... Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition is the absolute best option because of its huge amount of sound vocal information. I bought this book to help me sing more aggressively and extend my range, but it has helped me in many, many other ways.

Jeff Linstead

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Jaime Vendera's 'Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition' is to singers what John Petrucci's 'Rock Discipline' is to guitarists. It proves that even in modern rock music, a solid foundation in proper technique is essential. When I was 15, I wanted to sing more than anything else. Having listened to the progressive rock group Dream Theater for many years, I was intrigued by the amazingly high notes James LaBrie could sing- seemingly with ease. Since my mother is an opera singer, I asked her to show me the basics. During the first lesson, we soon found out that I was a 'bass', because I could not sing any higher than an E4 without embarrassingly cracking into falsetto. My mother told me that I was stuck with this range, and had to live with singing bass parts. I was devastated, because I thought my dream of singing as high and powerfully as James LaBrie would never come true.

It was only when I heard of Jaime Vendera and 'Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition' that I regained some hope. I posted a question on his internet forum asking whether I, as a bass, could ever sing in the tenor range or higher. Sure enough, Mr. Vendera himself promptly replied and said "If you put in enough work, of course you can!!" Naturally, I had to order 'Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition' to find out if he was right. When it arrived, I eagerly read the entire book in one day, and soon started to practice the voice exercises and adopt beneficial habits for vocal health. You know what? He WAS right! After a year and a half of dedicated practicing, these are my results:

-My range has increased from E2-E4 to E1-E5 (!!)
-I don't crack on high notes anymore
-I can sustain notes much longer
-I can produce a much more resonant tone
-I can sing the whole day without feeling any vocal fatigue
-I have developed a natural-sounding vibrato
-I have learned about how the voice works

Also, Jaime Vendera is one of the few voice coaches who actually teach how to use grit and growl effects when singing- and how to use it properly! Many classical singers I have encountered have claimed that singing with grit automatically equals bad technique and vocal strain. But what only few people know is that you actually NEED good technique for it to work without hurting yourself!

'Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition' has been an invaluable tool for reaching my goals as a singer, and I strongly recommend it to anyone else who wants to tear down vocal boundaries.

Ian Griffiths

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Jaime Vendera rocks!! He's very knowledgeable about the art of singing and teaches in easy to understand and effective ways. I greatly strengthened my voice and expanded my range working with him.

Gary Dacanay

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My name is Dave Gibbons and I'm a vocalist/guitarist based in Sydney, Australia. I'm a "well-seasoned" rocker and have been working as a pro musician since the 70s. I come from the same Aussie-Rock era as AC/DC and made my bones doing the same circuit here in Oz. I toured Europe and the UK in the 70s (and am still constantly amazed at having survived it all)!

Career highlights include supporting Chuck Berry and Billy Joel on their respective Australian tours and working with various luminaries of the Rock scene in a major recording studio.

These days I still do about 180 gigs a year in clubs and pubs in and around Sydney, mostly doing covers of 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's hits and some original material, in a duo. It's all a little tame for me but it's still music and a living while I'm working on the "Big Break"... just kidding!

I've been diligently working on a program to rehabilitate my voice; years of misuse and abuse had taken their toll and basically I was starting to sound like Cocker on Valium! I had laryngeal surgery for nodules some years ago, mainly from concerns over where it might all end up. My voice has been in decline for the last 10 years or so. Rather than just accept the "inevitable" I decided to get serious about fixing my bad habits and rehabbing my voice.

I decided to try Jaime Vendera's Raise Your Voice 2nd Edition program. So, it's been about 6 weeks since I started doing Jaime's program and results thus far include;

1. "repaired" the black-hole in my voice where I'd "lost" three semi-tones between chest voice and head.
2. added 8 semitones to the top and 5 semi tones to the bottom range of my full voice (that's over an octave in 6 weeks)!
3. huge reduction in breath pressure on cords and breathy high notes. 4. Vocal fatigue at gigs gone... completely... gone!

Jaime, I know it's still early days but I just thought you might be interested on how it was going.

Thanks again for a great program, let me know if there's anything I can do for you.


* * * * *

** This was taken straight from the Message Board **

Subject: FINALLY!!!
Name:260 Brian K
Date Posted: Jun 14, 05 - 5:04 AM

Message: I finally have the book, had it for a week now and wow there is a lot of stuff to read. But from just doing this stuff I've already seen immediate improvement in a lot of things, especially my stamina. I'm up to the point where I can do nothing but all of those new hard metal screaming songs for like 3 hours straight, and still be able to sing my heart out without cracking and no strain to hit any of my higher register stuff. Really cool. I'm now currently practicing 4-5 hours a day, unless I just can't fit it in, then I get in what I can. But I just want to thank you Jaime for your book, and hopefully someday I might get semi famous or something and you can interview me, and I'll give all credit to you and your awesome ways of teaching. Hehe. Anyways, I'm getting quite ahead of myself since I'm only 19. Take care for now, and thanks again.


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Check out the “Singer’s Medicine Chest”- A list of vitamins minerals and herbs that strengthen the voice and immune system!

The Singer’s Daily Regimen-A list of daily supplements to enhance vocal health!

The Fixer Elixir-A list of 12 ingredients that can be used as a gargle solution to help relieve a sore throat!

Discover the Ultimate way to warm up the voice-The Vocal Stress Release program- A unique warm up program that first stretches and relaxes all muscles involved in vocal production, (vocal yoga), then efficiently and effectively warming up the voice through specific vocal exercises!

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Discover a collection of the best tips, tricks, and tactics, that I have learned from professional, and touring singers, and world-renowned vocal coaches!

The Singers Checklist-A precise guide to help ANY singer of ANY style of music to maintain their voice while touring and performing night after night!

For all of you metal heads and hard rock singers- Specific exercises and secrets for developing grit, growl, and piercing screams, WITHOUT destroying your voice!

Over 160 pictures and illustrations!

Well over 100 “Useful Tip” Section-Some of the best tips from some of the best singers, vocal coaches, and voice doctors in the world!

Quotes from two of hard rock’s greatest singers, Tony Harnell of TNT and Jim Gillette of Nitro!

Supporting articles from some of the world best singers and leading vocal coaches, including:

Kevin Alexander-Ceo-TC-Helicon
Russell Allen-Vocalist of Symphony X
Thomas Appell-Author of Can You Sing a High C Without Straining
Valerie Bastien-Author of Voice Yourself in the Classroom
Mark Baxter-Author of The Rock-n-Roll Singer’s Survival Manual
Dallan Beck-Author of Recording Series for Hal Leonard
Melissa Cross- Author of Zen of Screaming
Jeannie Deva-Author of The Contemporary Vocalist
Jim Gillette-Vocalist of Nitro/Creator of the Vocal Power method
Tony Harnell-Solo Vocalist (Former TNT singer)
Myles Kennedy-Vocalist of Alter Bridge
James LaBrie-Vocalist of Dream Theater
James Lugo-Author of Singer Secrets
Robert Lunte-Author of The Four Pillars of Screaming
Magali Luyten-Vocal coach/Vocalist for Virus IV
Cara Mastrey-Author of Sing With Mastrey
Brett Manning-Author of Singing Success
Ryan Murdock-CEO of RMAX international
Dena Murray-Author of Vocal Technique-A Guide To Finding Your Real Voice
Beverly Nall-Certified Touch for Health specialist
Ocea-Creator of Vocal Eze spray
Elizabeth Sabine author of Strengthening Your Singing Voice
Jim Seitzer-Creator of Vocal Fitness
Phil Taylor-Vocalist of Machina
Sahaj Ticotin-Vocalist of RA

Ray West - Vocalist of Hostel Inc.

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Jaime Vendera

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